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Since our inception in 2003 we have developed an extensive network of customers and suppliers around the globe. We work as a partner with  our customers and suppliers like their internal team member. With our professional approach and team work we ensure that all your international sourcing and marketing goals should be achieved well in time.

Ultimately our goal is to contribute to your business by making the right product available at the right place at the right time and at the right price.

We are committed to be a partner beyond the deal making or buying and selling activities. We have structured our team, systems and process to manage all activities pertaining to international buying and selling on your behalf.

Within the short span of 9 years, we executed huge amount of orders and a range of textile materials we catered to.

We act as a platform for the purchase of home textile products for our valued customers. Our first responsibility is to get competitive price for our customers to do this we work only with reliable and committed suppliers from Pakistan who knows values of their commitments.

Carefully inspection of all the shipments from initial  stage till shipment is also our prime responsibility which we are performing confidently and at the same time we also provide online information to the customer at their finger tip 24*7.